Best 5 Motion Sensitive Battery Powered LED

Motion Sensitive Battery Powered LED Stickmotion sensitive light

Motion Sensitive Battery Powered LED. Image source Amazonlight

Automatic Motion Sensitive LED

Only turn on in the dark/night when motion is detected by its sensor. IT switches on automatically within 10 feet, and auto-off after about 15-25 seconds of no motion is detected.

Enough Light

Provide enough light to make sure you’re never stuck during the night in the darkness. Sensitivity : 10 feet distance. Sensor Range: 120 degrees.

Battery Operated

Need 3 AAA Batteries to operate. Tip: Twist to remove the cover for fitting the batteries.


The sensor identifies day and night automatically and will only illuminate in night/dark, when no movement is detected it turns off automatically after 15-30 seconds. It means it is a ceiling motion detector Battery Powered LED with day/night sensor with self installation features. If you need a motion sensitive light which glows every time, whether it’s day or night, then visit.

Smart Movement Detector

— The Sensor Light has a built-in motion sensor that detects movement from 7-10 ft. away.

Perfect for any Location (specially ceiling motion detector)

— This light can be used to light up your washroom, hallways, stairs, bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, storage areas etc. You can also use this motion sensor light inside your wardrobe.

Wireless, battery powered operation means no installation hassles. No electrician is needed. You can install batteries into the sensor unit, mount the light where you need it, and enjoy the safety and security of the automatic light. The intensity of this light is 10 lumens.


Power Source: Battery powered

Motion Sensor Range: Up to 10 feet

Lumen Output: 10 

Working temperature: -20 to 40 degrees Celsius

Bulb Design Life: 10,000 Hrs.

Cold light which never irritates your eyes

Features of motion sensitive battery powered LED:

*Motion sensor turns LED automatic night light on/off.

*It can be used as ceiling motion detector light.

*Wireless, Battery Powered, smart and easy to install (uses 3 AAA Batteries, batteries not included).

*Auto shut-off after 15-30 seconds of no motion detection, which prevents the battery drain.

BATTERY POWERED MOVEMENT DETECTOR SENSOR LIGHT: Powered by 3 x AAA batteries. Note-Batteries that are qualified through the national testing authority are recommended, my recommendation is to go for Duracell batteries.
SURROUNDING AWARENESS: Dusk and dawn sensor with movement detector features. The light Automatically turn on when motion is detected (7-10 ft. range).
Easy Installation – Simple to install, no hard-wiring. With double-sided adhesive tape and built-in magnet, you can easily stick on anywhere you like.
INSTALLATION: Simply use the super-strong 3M double-sided adhesive tape or stick to any metal surface with the built-in magnet on it, works great indoor and outdoor, especially as a night light for stairs, steps, washroom, hallways, wardrobe, dark closets & cabinets.


portable motion sensor

 portable motion sensor- Image source Amazon


Features of portable motion sensor light

  • 360 ROTATING NIGHT LIGHT- 360° rotation allows you to aim this night light where it is actually needed, and it never glares your eyes.
  • PORTABLE MOTION SENSOR NIGHT LIGHT-Automatic turn on the light when you’re within the range of 6.5 feet. And the moment you leave, It will turn off automatically in 25 seconds after you walk out of the sensing area/range. Or you can switch to manual mode when you need for this movement detector device. So, never stumble in the darkness.
  • THREE MODES OF OPERATION-Motion sensor night light USB rechargeable, Three Modes (AUTO/ ON/OFF) For Your Option According To Your Different Requirement. Energy-Efficient Design which guarantees you Ultra-long Working Hour.
  • MAGNET INSTALLATION- Simple to install, no hard-wiring and cables required to install this portable motion sensor light. Inside the package, you get a double-sided adhesive tape/pads. Ideal nightlights for closets, under cabinets, stairs, pantries, hallway, garage, bathroom, kitchen, storage rooms, utility rooms, attics, bedroom, basement, nursery etc.

The basic difference between the above two portable light, which is important before you go for it.

  • 360-degree rotation feature.
  • Three modes of operation, AUTO/ON/OFF in this motion sensitive light.
  • Manual operation when needed
  • It cannot be used as ceiling motion detector as it has rotation feature.

All these three features are very important, and you definitely need these. So, in my advice is this motion sensitive second product which is more value for money.

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