Best Motion Detector Automatic Light

NEVER GET AN ELECTRIC SHOCK WITH YOUR WET HANDS. And the best way is to have motion sensing automatic light for your washroom. It is basically a movement detector relay/switch.

Every time we switch on/off the lights of our washroom, there is always a chance of getting electrical shock, specially when you have children/minor/senior citizen in your home.

The only solution to this is to have a motion sensor (movement detector) lighting system in your washroom.

Below is a YouTube video demonstration which shows how it works?

Best Motion detector light work super for washroom/bathroom light (It uses PIR Sensor)

The basic principle of working (Best motion detector).

This motion sensitive light has a PIR sensor along with a relay in build, which senses the infrared radiations from a living organism, let it be pets etc.

The relay gets a power on signal when PIR sensor senses an IR radiation. And keep the relay ON for a while as per your setting (there is a delay potentiometer given in the PIR sensor).

Power supply requirements

You need a 5V adapter for the operation of relay and PIR sensor. Both are connected to the same power supply and for the safety of PIR sensor we use a resistance along with and a transistor and diode for safety of relay.

Limitations of motion sensitive light

This project (motion sensor automatic light) is only usefully for places which are dark always, for example washroom. I mean to say the places which are dark at daytime also. During the day also, we need light in the bathroom. Or some place which is in basement etc. I think you understand my point. This motion sensitive detector project is absolutely waste for outdoor lighting (in outdoor it can be used with little modification using light sensor). But it is the best motion sensitive light for indoor.

If you need this automatic light for outdoor, the link is here.

In the upcoming articles, I will be giving you detailed instruction for making this motion sensitive light project. So, if you really need this project, kindly comment and say yes I need it. Soon you will be getting a detailed article for automatic light for washroom on my website.

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