WiFi Indoor Security System for Smart Home

Full HD WiFi Indoor Smart Home Security SystemSecurity System for Smart Home

Full HD WiFi Indoor Security System. Image source Amazon

Introduction to Wi-Fi Indoor Security System

Indoor Smart Home Security System offered by Qubo Shield is the smartest home security solution with Full HD Wi-Fi. It provides end to end security across all aspects of the home. It guards you against all kind of threats, let it be external threat (intrusion & theft) or internal threats like Fire & Gas Leakages etc. Powered with breakthrough AI, Qubo Shield looks out for the unwanted dangers 24X7.

The moment it senses a threat, let it be internal or external, Qubo notifies you in real-time. You are also alerted via a phone call in the event of critical security or safety breaches. In the event of a security or safety breach, Qubo Smart Indoor Alarm system helps and can prevent the issue promptly. This feature assures you that your home is secure and safe from anywhere in the world. On the top of all this, this security kit is an easy-to-use DIY installation which requires no wiring, drilling etc. and can be installed in just minutes.

Features of Wi-Fi indoor security system

Intruder Alarm System

It offers complete security for your home from intruders by an alarm when someone opens a Door/Window in your absence.

Theft Alarm

This Security Kit comes with an alarm system that helps you safeguard your valuables when you aren’t around.

Smoke Detection System

It also offers security against fire and smoke, as it instantly notifies you if smoke is detected. Complete house protection.

Gas Detection System-

Security against gas leaks. In case of a leak, get instantly notified by a loud alarm and through a notification on the Qubo App on your phone.

Single App for Complete Smart Home Security

Get the complete security for the house at your fingertips. Lets you control all your Qubo devices through one simple & easy to use dashboard using Qubo App.

Intelligent Alerts with Phone Call follow-up

You can also get alerted via phone call in case of critical security breaches. The smart feature of this device make your home a really secure and safe place. You can see all what is going inside with your mobile phone and gets alerts.

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