Touchless Dual Sensor Water Saving Tap Faucet

Water Saving Tap Faucet

Water Saving Tap Faucet uses best motion detector. Image credits Amazon   Specifications of Water Saving Tap Faucet Upgraded double sensor faucet, two sensing areas, two water modes, 0.25 second fast induction. Drains water inductively by IR sensor which is built-in, without touching the tap. Bottom sensor for short-term water needs. When your hands enter …

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Motion Sensor Tap Automatic And Touchless

motion sensor tap

Automatic Touchless Motion Sensor Tap – Wall Mounted Sensor Tap. Image source Amazon   Features of motion sensor tap This tap is touchless and can be operated by power supply AC or DC. This product comes without battery. Material: stainless steel (chrome finished) threading size: 0.5″ inch Installation type: This product can be used on …

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