Touchless Dual Sensor Water Saving Tap Faucet

Water Saving Tap Faucetbest motion detector
Water Saving Tap Faucet uses best motion detector. Image credits Amazon


Specifications of Water Saving Tap Faucet

  • Upgraded double sensor faucet, two sensing areas, two water modes, 0.25 second fast induction.
  • Drains water inductively by IR sensor which is built-in, without touching the tap.
  • Bottom sensor for short-term water needs. When your hands enter the bottom sensing area (within a limited distance of 100 mm (PIR Distance)), the water began to flow out.
  • When the sensor leaves, water stops flowing out.
  • The Side sensor meets water storage requirements. When your hand enters the side sensing area (within a limited PIR distance of 50 mm), the water began to flow out. The current lasts for three minutes, and the water keeps on coming even if the sensory object leaves. This facility is for water storage in the container.
  • If your hands enter the side sensing area of the faucet again during the water flow process, the water can be stopped at any time. It means water stop when you need to stop the tap.
  • First-class water efficiency, best motion detector, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Simple design style, adapt to various home styles. 6 sets of adapters, meet your different needs.

Bottom sensor is for Short – Term water need, It will automatically stop when the object leaves the sensing area (i.e. 10 cm), and there is an overflow protection which will STOP water in 20 seconds even if there is an object in the sensing area, it can restart by waving object again
Side sensor is for Long Term water need and continue to flow water for 3 minutes without any interrupt. When the object enters the sensing area (i.e. 5 cm), it can be reset anytime before 3 min by waving the object once again
IR motion sensing reduces spread of contamination due to contact, which is especially useful for hospitals and public areas.
Comes with 6 adapters to fix on any type of modern taps available at your home.

Battery can be charged with any micro USB charger, it lasts for an average 6 months.

NOTE- It is important to make use of the filter provided with the installation kit, else it will damage the product.

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