Best Car Parking Sensor

car parking sensor

What is a parking sensor? A car parking sensor is an electronic device that helps drivers to park their vehicles more easily and safely. These sensors are usually installed in the front and rear bumpers of a car or vehicle. It uses ultrasonic waves to detect the distance between the car and any obstacles in …

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Presence Detection Sensor (Proximity sensor)

Presence detection sensor

What is a Presence Detection Sensor (Proximity sensor)? As the name itself tells, presence detection means sensing the availability or presence in a proximity or near place without contacting. Basically, it detects the presence, distance, or absence of an object using sensors based on different technologies like optical, LASER, ultrasonic, Hall effect, capacitive, etc. Using …

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What is Motion Sensing (PIR motion sensor)?

Proximity sensor (PIR Sensor)

What basically is motion sensing or detection? As the name itself tells the device or circuit which senses or detects the movement of a living or non-living body. It is a wide and great topic of interest in the field of electronics and artificial Intelligence. It is widely used in gaming industry along with toys, …

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