Cheap Motion Sensor Lamp Holder With PIR

Motion Sensor Lamp Holder
Motion Sensor Lamp Holder. Image source Amazon

A motion detection sensor enabled holder for any bulb that has base type B22. It detects the human body movement (senses IR radiation from the body) and automatically switches on the light. It is suitable for any lamp with B22 base. Most ideal places where it can be used – kitchen, washroom, store room, corridor, etc. The Range is 6-7 meters. The default time of switching off automatically is 2-3 minutes after no motion is detected. Self installation feature – No need to call any technician.

Installation instructions:- (Can be placed near old normal holders in the house)

-Clean the wall surface with any alcohol based liquid and a piece of cloth and let it dry for best result.

-Peel off the tape at back side of holder and mount on wall

-Make sure the sensor is below the holder while mounting the set on the wall. The B22 socket in your old holder and attach the lamp or bulb in this motion based holder. Now switch on the power supply.

-It is suitable for any light/bulb with B22 base.

-This device is most suitable for basement, washroom.

 ceiling mounted PIR- Image source Amazon


Features of ceiling mounted PIR holder

This Smart lamp holder automatically switches on and off, on the basis of detection of IR from any living being. This smart holder is suitable to hold any lamp/bulb/CFL/LED bulb/night lamp with B22 base (Indian standard). It automatically turns on by detecting the presence of a human and switches off after some time as set.

1. Suitable for installation in indoor stairs, washroom, corridor, warehouse, basement, bathroom & garage.

2. Switch on/off light automatically on presence/absence of human body movement (IR sensor uses PIR sensor).

3. Easy installation. It can work as ceiling mounted PIR sensor light.

4. Alternative for security.

5. Save electricity.

6. 6 Months warranty. The first one and only product from India.

Note: The package does not include any lamps. Our product have 6 months warranty. Sometimes 1 or 2% may be faulted during transportation and can be replaced through. Again, if you have any issue, please call our care number. Our clarification for negative feed backers seen in comments. **: Range sometimes vary it depends on many factors like ambient temperature, indoor/outdoor, external heat sources like fire, intense light beams, direct sun rays.

The first one and only product from INDIA
To hold any lamp, let it be ceiling mounted PIR with B22 base, 6 months spare warranty.

-It is basically a motion sensor light for washroom.

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