Top 5 Home Security System for your smart home & office

home security system

What is a Home Security System?

Home Security System is basically a collection of electronic devices which can monitor and control your home security aspects like theft, fire, intruder, guest and many more. The system will give you real-time updates and also do some action if the owner need to perform some action like closing the door, switching off/on the electric mains etc. The scope is quite wide and can be customized as per the requirements of the customer.  The complete and top home security system consist of many small and important individual systems.

What kind of home security is best?

The best home security must have below-mentioned systems and features. You just cannot think of a smart and secure home/office without these systems.

  • Security Camera (CCTV)

Security Cameras are the most common part of home security system nowadays. Almost every home/office/shops/malls/complex are having CCTV installed. Now even government is also giving importance to install CCTV in almost every public places and even on roads and streets to monitor any unwanted activities.

But if you want special motion sensing cameras for your home, you can have it and monitor your house from anywhere in real time. They are the eyes of your home security, and any security system is almost incomplete without CCTV setup.

Nowadays, a variety of CCTV cameras are available in the market. Videos in full HD/4K along with 360 degree capture and motion sensing facilities are available, for having a better video. Cameras along with microphones are also available to record the voice.

  • Fire Alarm and Extinguisher

Fire Alarm and Extinguisher
Image by Renee Gaudet from Pixabay

Fire Alarms are the most important part of security system which gives you alert if any fire incidence happens in your home and if required you can also operate the extinguisher automatically as per your requirements.

Generally, fire extinguisher operate automatically the moment fire happens. But if you need some customization, you can do it. It can save big losses. Almost every industry/equipment room/server/data center/control room nowadays is having Fire alarm and Extinguisher system installed.

  • Access Control System (Door/Window lock)

access control system
Image by gcleaves from Pixabay

Suppose you are in office and suddenly a guest visits your house and no one is present there (it’s locked), It will become very difficult for you to come back home. But if you have a smart home, you can open the doors of your home from your office and let your guest take rest in your home. You can also see whether your guest has comfortably in or not with CCTV installed in your house.

So, from a remote place, you can give access to your home/office/room to the authorized person only. The process of authorization can be manual, security token, biometric or retina scan. It all depends upon the individual.

  • Environment Control System

Environment Control System
Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

What if you forget to switch off your bedroom Air Conditioner and reached office. You are in doubt whether I switched off or not. No worries, the job will be done by this home security system. You can switch off the AC from your office.

And suppose you are on the way back to your home. And you want a comfortable temperature in our bedroom before you reach your home. Then switch on the AC 15 minutes before you reach your home so that your bedroom is ready for you. You just need to set the desired temperature from your mobile application, which will control your home completely.

So, it is simple to set your environmental parameters as per your requirement like humidity, temperature and moisture content. All the humidity and temperature sensor will be installed along with the AC/Blower/Chillers/Heater to achieve the required environmental condition.

You will also get the details of electrical equipments running currently along with the power consumption data. You can get summary of the electricity consumed daily/monthly etc.

  • Controlling the Power Supply and electrical equipments

If you are looking for complete adt home security system, then it is only possible if you have a control of all the electrical devices, appliances, system. You can either switch on/off every device either manually or automatically as per the parameters set.

Most of the electric and electronic devices now comes with management facility. If you are having an old model device, you can still able to control it by installing additional sensors and relays.

  • Controlling Tap and Tank water level/ Plumbing

Similarly, if you need to have a check of the water supply, valve, tank pressure, water tank level and many other parameters you can do it very easily.

Advantages of Office/Home security system

  • Saves electricity– You will definitely see reduced electricity bill as only required number of electrical equipment will be running as per requirement.
  • Less manpower-If you have a large system (office/server), a single or two manpower is sufficient to have a control of all the running systems.
  • Easy to maintain equipments-The moment any electrical equipment consume more electricity or go unserviceable, you will be able to know. And you can also get periodic servicing alerts as per the running hours of the equipments. Which is great as it is a difficult task to remember for its periodic servicing.
  • Equipment life improves-When you periodically switch between main and standby equipments, the life of the equipment will improve. And equipments will become more reliable. Thus, you will be profited in long run.

What is the average cost of a home security system installation?

Thought, it is difficult to tell you the cost. It actually depends on the requirement of the clients and scale of usage. If you are thinking for implementing in your house or home, then it depends on how many rooms you have? Similarly, if you are looking for commercial use then price ill be definitely more. Also, it depends upon the vendors who are installing the system. Some of them will give you AMC and warranty, then also price will rise. I always advise you to go with AMC and warranty as the system cannot be managed by yourself.


The topic of home security system is quite wide and huge. There are n numbers of features and customization can be done as per your requirement. The system can be implemented very easily at home/house level, and budget will be also quite low. You can even google best diy home security system, for your home if you just want to have a test.

But if you are looking for this system at large level like in office or at industrial level, then definitely price will be higher. But you will have profit in long run.

Nowadays, almost all the industries and offices are moving towards implementing this secure and smart home security system. As all the systems are under the control of smart software, you need not worry. This is the future you must change accordingly. If you have any query related to the system, you can mail me on [email protected]

I hope you like the article, feel free to comment below. Thank you.

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