All New No.1 Automatic Liquid Foam Dispenser

Automatic Liquid Foam Dispenser

Automatic Liquid Foam Dispenser uses motion detection technology. Image credits Amazon


Features of Automatic Liquid Foam Dispenser

A perfect fit for your bathroom. Easy to use and hygienic. This amazing automatic infrared sensor soap dispenser by Room Groom, that senses your hand’s using motion detection technology and will dispense just the right amount of soap. It looks great and classy as well. Spice up your bathroom or kitchen and make your handwashing experience easier and more hygienic with this amazing automatic liquid soap dispenser.

The dispenser can also be used for shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap and even hand sanitizer. Made with durable ABS plastic that is resistant to chemicals, heat and impact. This product is made to provide long-lasting strength and use, ideal for high-traffic areas such as restrooms, hotels, office entrance, kitchens, break rooms, canteen, cafeteria and lunchrooms.

The dispensing technology used reduces the risk of leaking valves. 1000 ml capacity helps to reduce maintenance and frequent refill. Essential for hands-free operation for improved hand hygiene and to minimize the spread of germs specially in this COVID-19 era. It only dispenses 0.20 ml per activation to reduce extra flow of liquid. The Dispenser is equipped with a clear window, so you can easily monitor the soap level when needed. For increased convenience, it operates quietly using 4 C batteries.

Additionally, the long battery life will last up to 55,000 single uses before they need to be changed. It also has LED light will blink frequently to alert you for low battery. Since, it is Battery operated, so it can be placed anywhere as required. Perfect for Science Lab, Offices, Bathroom, Hospital, Kitchen, School, Restaurant, Restroom, Beauty parlor, Salon, Hotel, and public places etc.


For wire free installation, this unit runs using four C batteries. Thus, no hanging wires after installation.


This product works with most brands of liquid soap. The viscosity of liquid to be used is very well considered for the dispenser. It has a window on the front side so that you can monitor the level of liquid used as refill inside. And do the refill when necessary.


Compliant in force and one-handed operation, this Automatic Liquid Foam Dispenser conforms to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards. It is one of the best known product available in the market.

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