Best No.1 Microwave Motion Sensor for smart home

Microwave Motion Sensor
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Product Description of Microwave Motion Sensor

Features of this motion detection technology device:

  • Low power consumption, power-saving features to save electricity by switching off the light in case no one is present in the room.
  • Motion sensitive, movement detector, ambient light and time-delay. Adjustable, as per your own setting.
  • Microwave motion sensor, 360° wide angle detection and further adjust detection distance. The device can penetrate glass, but not walls.
  • Pluggable type of the terminals which make easier and much convenient to install on any light where you need this smart motion detection technology.
  • Applicable to monitoring equipment, LED lamp, fluorescent lamp, Bulb, tube, light, incandescent lamp, fan, ventilator and magnetic valve and on many electrical devices.
  • Well suited to circulation areas, integral garages, washroom, store rooms, toilets, kitchens, common stairs wells or corridors where there are frequently people passing in an out and the lighting often gets left on accidentally. Can be installed on wall, ceiling and anywhere you need but must be kept safe from water.

Radar/Microwave Motion Sensor

Human Body Induction Sensor

Human body sensors with high sensitivity, safety and energy saving features. This automation product is based on radar microwave motion detection technology, which results in high sensitive, reliable, detection, safety, and intelligent energy-saving motion sensitive device.

Installation Procedure of this movement detector

Take down the top cover by turning it anti-clockwise and hold the base against the wall and mark the holes to be drilled. Have attention to any existing wiring in the wall before you drill any hole. Insert wall plug and do not forget to put the power wire and load wire through the base holes. Screw the base into place and connect the mains power supply and the load wire. If you have any confusion kindly contact an electrician for wiring connections. Fit glass shad and turn it clockwise, and you are done.


Operating voltage: AC 220-250v, 50-60 Hz Frequency.
Load power: up to 1200 watts max, it means you can install almost any indoor light, fan etc. But you cannot connect Air conditioner.
Ambient light: 3-2000 lux (adjustable)
Load type: Incandescent lamp, LED light, Ventilator, CFL, fans, etc
Reach:1-8 m(radii.), adjustable
HF system: 5.8 GHz cw radar, ism band
Detecting distance: 0~8 m
Transmission power:<10mw
Detecting angle: 360 degree, so it is highly precise.
Installation height: 2.2-4 MTR
Motion detection speed: 0.6~1 m/s
Power consumption: 0.1 w (static ideal) & 0.4 w (in working condition)
Working humidity: less than 93% Rh
Delay: 8 seconds -12 minutes (adjustable)

Light Setting (2-2000 Lux)
Connection Point : L means- Phase/Line, N means- Neutral & L means:- Load/ light.

Why to go with Microwave motion sensor?

Quick response time in milliseconds

Higher accuracy than PIR sensor based motion detection

More reliable motion detection technology.

Effect of temperate is NIL on this movement detector.

360 degree wide coverage than traditional PIR based motion sensitive device.

Detect outside glass or other thin material.

This microwave radar sensor, motion detection sensor is the latest development in smart motion technology and provides close to zero energy wastage.

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